If I were the mayor…

Okay, let’s face it. We’ve all thought of this or talked about this with our friends in drinking sessions or while stuck in traffic or while waiting for water to pour down from our faucets.

What if I was/were the mayor of my city?

Yes, we don’t have the funds to put up a campaign and we don’t have the family name to guarantee that we will win.

But we have this. A venue to voice out our “plataporma“:)

Yes, it’s pretty lame but at least. Haha.

So, if you were the mayor of Las Pinas, Muntinlupa or Paranaque, what would you do?:)

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  1. if i were mayor even for a day..oh heck…give me an hour.. i would def have the traffic enforcers retrained to respect the pedestrians, be vigilant about apprehending erring drivers..(NO BRIBES), teach them… how to direct traffic, get the street kids off the street before they get killed (so sad, the numbers are increasing to include even toddlers whom drivers don’t see), get the tricycles OFF the main streets, and above all, not to let us get away with the law…we all need to remember that there are rules out there for our safety..let’s not ignore them to suit our needs!! there, i said my 6 centavos worth for the day!! 🙂

    Marlies Maneru

  2. If i were the mayor of muntinlupa city, I would have the sidewalk of the main road, facing Alabang Bgy.Hall, across Mercury Drug Store, Metro Bank and Tropical Hut cleared of the fruit stands! Does the sidewalk belong to the fruit dealers or to the city? Fruit dealers untouchable? WALA PONG MADAANAN ANG MGA TAO PAG UMUULAN! BAHAIN PO ANG AREA NA YUN! LAHAT NG SIDEWALK MALINIS MALIBAN SA ISANG YUN. TUWING UULAN, ANG TAO NASA CALLE NAGLALAKAD!

    Girlie Gana (also c/o Facebook)

  3. From our Twitter Account:

    RT @kim_and_jackie: #ifiwerethemayor I would start w/ jeeps, cars, tricycles & pedestrians. They should know their limitations on public roads.

  4. if i were the LPC mayor, i wud install traffic lights (it’s 2010 dammit) and retrain the traffic aides. (sori, no WP accnt)

    @unjacoble (From our Twitter Account)

  5. ìf i am a mayor i wil assign a brigade in Alabang Public Market to clean thè strèèt and side walk along the market because thè vendors already occupiéd the street..

    Evelynn Eve Delos Reyes (From our Facebook Account)

  6. definitely il try to alleviate the traffic.. we are all affected by it.. if we ought to redirect the traffic-one way- for a particular time by rerouting.. and personally administer the T-enforcers even during weekends.. ill do it.

    Danz Dandan Pascual (Facebook)