2 villagers stabbed inside Philam Village last week?

This was the report received by alabangbulletin.com from concerned individuals from the Las Pinas village this weekend as they expressed concern over the security inside their village and in the village park where most of them exercise.

According to one villager, a friend of hers was stabbed several times by a non-villager around 8:30 to 9 in the evening and was robbed of her cellphone.

The suspect then fled but went back to the scene to get the knife (which he reportedly only borrowed) he used in the robbery.

There, he was collared and caught by the village security and barangay tanods.

It was known that the suspect was able to follow the victim from outside the village and went on with the robbery near or at the village park.

Another villager who was jogging was also victimized by another suspect last week but reports of this are still sketchy.

At any rate, these reports alarmed several villagers who thought that the park was one of the safest places to go to even at night.

The Philam Village Park is one of the favorite places of villagers and even those from neighboring subdivisions to go to for exercise be it walking, jogging, soccer, basketball and Tai Chi.

“We can’t even be safe when we exercise inside our own village,” quipped an exasperated villager, who was also wondering why the village association hasn’t warned them about these incidents.

Further conversations with other villagers revealed that other similar robbery incidents had cropped up in the past months.

“Our neighbor was recently a victim of the Dugo-Dugo Gang,” said another villager, who said that a person just called the house and told the housemaid that he was going to give the owners of the house money and when the maid decided to meet the caller at the Mcdonald’s outside the village, the house was ransacked.

Once again, these are very alarming incidents that are happening inside PRIVATE villages.

We don’t know how the suspects in the stabbings entered the village. One reason may be that the village is open to non-residents since it is part of the Friendship Route.

Nonetheless, security must be strengthened and villagers have to be more careful.

It’s the Holidays once again and yes there are people who will stab you just for your cellphone.

Let us all be careful and report to the authorities incidents like those mentioned above.

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  1. homeowner says:

    for mass goers should be not be allowed to wander after mass guards should be place on each entrance and gate going inside the park.