Are cars with Friendship Route stickers exempted from number coding in LP?

Sorry Las Pineros. That little sticker on your car does not exempt you from the Las Pinas Number Coding.

This is according to Las Pinas City Police Chief Sr. Supt. Romeo Sapitula’s office belying hearsay that having the 2011 Friendship Route sticker exempts motorists from the number coding in the city.

“The sticker can only give access to participating villages/subdivisions,” said Sapitula’s office.

And yes, Las Pinas has its own number coding ordinance apart from the one MMDA does.

Read an article about the ordinance here.

So there. Stick to the village roads when your car is not allowed to go out on the main roads of the city.

Oh, the Daang Hari (portion of Las Pinas) and the part from Toyota Alabang to Daang Hari (Honda) implements this number coding too.

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  1. LasPinero says:

    Can you suggest a route for us to get to Zobel from Pilar without being affected by the coding? I do not understand why they need to include the non major street as this defits the purpose of using the friendship route since they are cutting the access in daanghari.

  2. IGotFriendship says:

    Is this being implemented only now? Or are you saying that it’s been like this ever since (supposed to be)? I ask that ’cause for the past 3 or more years we’ve been able to pass Alabang-Zapote road freely even if it’s our number coding day. I don’t think we’re just lucky, coz we literally pass in front of MMDAs and they don’t mind.
    Also, my friend don’t stick on any stickers in his car (just keeps them inside) so if it’s his coding day sometimes he’d get stopped by MMDAs and he just shows them his friendship sticker and he’s good to go.

    • I think it’s been like this ever since and you and your friend have just been lucky. And MMDA does not have jurisdiction over the Las Pinas number coding because Las Pinas has its own number coding ordinance.

  3. Alarmed reader... says:

    “Sorry Las Pineros. That little sticker on your car does not exempt you from the Las Pinas Number Coding.” – Someone’s obviously not from Las Pinas. You need to change your tone.

    • We actually are from Las Pinas. And that statement is not meant to be condascending at all. It’s just a fun way of playing on the actual meaning of the sentence.

  4. John Resurreccion says:

    I am a Las Pinas resident. According to Mayor Aguilar, during the distribution of the stickers earlier this year, the friendship route stickers WILL EXEMPT you from the number coding scheme. That announcement was made several times this year 2011, in contrast to the ordinance which was dated 2008.

    • We contacted the Las Pinas Public Information Office and are still awaiting their reply on this. It seems that people from Las Pinas are getting conflicting reports about this.

  5. FRIENDSHIP says:

    Do we have any update or confirmation regarding the exemption of those with the Friendship Sticker?


  6. Stickysticker says:

    Daang Hari is a great cash cow for those traffic aids who want to earn some extra commission by ticketing.

    Having a coding system implemented in Daang Hari is a stupid idea (for just a few meters?), it hinders the economic flow of business and goods being Cavite as part of the economic zone and the employees working in the Muntinlupa business area.

    Why do they put so much stress in a not-so-busy area? While seeing those traffic aids in Las Piñas just watching the traffic under the trees or some stalls along the Las Piñas main road.

    Our Mayor Aguilar should somehow look into this and add some more liniency, since Daang Hari is not exclusively made for Las Piñas only but also for the other areas.

    Implementing coding in Daang Hari is “selfishness”!

  7. iammikoy says:

    i enter lopez gate to get to san beda alabang…dumadaan ako sa tirona road…may guard sa tirona..ask ko lang kung allowed ba ng mga guards ang friendship sticker sa tirona?…thanks…

  8. not from las pinas says:

    im not from las pinas but i know “las pineros” have exemption, i see it all the time whenever my girlfriend drives and gets pulled over by mmda. she wasnt even able to get a friendship sticker but she gets away by showing her ids showing her residence address. ftw! republic of las pinas

  9. errol presbitero says:

    hi. just want to know which gates in bf homes paranaque allowed the the friendship route sticker. thx