Safety Tips during Typhoons

As we are once again in the midst of another super typhoon, according to Pagasa, here are some tips on how everyone can remain safe and secured during a typhoon:

  • Stay indoors and keep calm
  • Monitor TV and radio reports.
  • Secure your home.
  • Trim trees near dwellings.
  • Keep roads clear for emergency vehicles.
  • If your house is in a flood-prone area, go to the nearest designated evacuation center.
  • Have a flashlight and radio handy, with fresh batteries.
  • Stock up on food, potable water, kerosene, batteries and first-aid supplies.
  • In case of flooding, turn off the main sources of electricity, gas and water in your home.
  • Stack furniture above the expected flood level. Keep appliances, valuables, chemicals, toxic substances and garbage beyond reach of floodwaters.
  • Avoid low-lying areas, riverbanks, creeks and coastal areas, slopes, cliffs and foothills. Rains can trigger landslides, rockslides or mudslides.
  • Avoid wading through flooded areas. Do not attempt to cross flowing streams.
  • Do not operate any electrical equipment during a flood.
  • Do not use gas or electrical appliances that have been flooded.

Source: Safe Ka Ba? from NDCC-OCD

Please feel free to share this post to your friends so we can all be safe and ready when typhoons hit the country.

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