With 50-50 chance of survival, Las Piñas fire survivor needs prayers

From gmanetwork.com:

January 10, 2015 4:44pm


The New Year was just a day away when a fire in the early hours tore through the Tianzon home in Las Piñas and claimed the lives of six family members.

Only Bonifacio “Bannie” Tianzon and eldest son Ace York survived. Unfortunately, Ace is suffering from burns in almost 70 percent of his body.

Cousin Don Landingin told GMA News Online that Ace has a 50-50 chance of survival. He now has an IV infection, fever, and pneumonia, but he is no longer connected to a tube and can now breathe on his own.

Ace, who was a chef at Solaire, was described by Landingin as someone who is “funny, very optimistic, jolly, and confident.”

However, all of that may have taken a hit, as Ace, when he was still able to talk, had kept blaming himself for that fatal incident on Dec. 31, Landingin said.

“Conscious siya, nagagamit niya ang eyes niya, aware siya sa lahat nang nangyari at alam niya what happened to his family,” said Landingin.   

“He can communicate through his  hands. He tries to talk—may small sounds na lumalabas, like whispers,” he added.

His medical expenses have amounted to P40,000 a day.

His treatment includes:

  •     Supportive pulmonary management
  •     Aggressive pulmonary therapy
  •     Burn wounds management
  •     Massive edema management
  •     Medicines and medical supplies
  •     Clinical tests and laboratory work
  •     Skin grafting and physical function/therapy
  •     Post-trauma support
  •     ICU medical support

As of this posting, Ace is still unaware that his relatives’ remains were laid to rest on Jan. 7 at the Manila Memorial Park.

Among the victims are:

  •    Segunda Hernandez (the family matriarch)
  •    Dulce Tianzon
  •    Anita Tianzon
  •    Allick Bon Tianzon
  •    Aaron Archer Tianzon
  •    Duncan Bryan Tianzon

Ace is being treated at the Philippine General Hospital’s Burn Unit.

Landingin said he receives lots of visitors every day, and that what Ace needs most right now are prayers.

Friends and people with kind hearts may deposit donations at Metrobank Peso Savings under the name Bonifacio Tianzon Jr., account number 446-344-634-9814. — LBG, GMA News



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