Parañaque deputizes more security personnel to enforce Enhanced Community Quarantine in the city

In a city ordinance entitled “An order deputizing private detectives, watchmen, security guards agencies and their personnel in the City of Parañaque as force multipliers thereby placing them under the direct order of the city Chief of Police for assistance in the enforcement of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, in accordance with Section 12 of the Republic Act No. 5487 or The Private Security Agency Law”, city Mayor Edwin Olivarez recognized the need for more people to implement and enforce the ECQ as well as the city-wide curfew and social distancing measures.

This means that all security guards and private investigators now have the power to enforce ECQ measures including but not limited to wearing of face mask when in public, their 24-hour curfew and liquor ban, among others.

Other directives in the ordinance are as follows:

  • they shall take direct orders from the Chief of Police of the City for the duration of the Enhanced Community Quarantine
  • require persons in his area of operation/assignment to wear face mask and to exercise strict physical distancing of at least one meter from other persons
  • verify if persons in public places in his assigned area are holders of Home Quarantine Passes distributed by the respective barangays

*the ordinance cleared that Quarantine Passes may only be used within the barangay/subdivision/neighborhood where the same was issued OR anywhere in the city from 5am up to 8pm.

The ordinance also enumerated individuals exempted from the curfew, namely essential workers like people who work in banks, money transfer agencies, supermarket or other types of convenient stores, pharmacies, food chains or food establishments operating on a “take out only” scheme as well as medical services workers, funeral services employees and emergency responders, among others.

For a complete list, please click on the images below:

  • direct persons who are not holders of Quarantine Passes or part of the exemptions to go home, and coordinate with the police and/or barangay those who refuse to follow the said directive for the latter to accompany the said persons to the holding area of the barangay
  • refuse access to and from his assigned area to non QP-holders and those not exempted


The ordinance also called on homeowners associations to support the city’s Enhanced Community Quarantine measures and continue in “providing vital services to their members and help implement local government policies, programs, ordinances and rules.”

“Violations of herein provisions shall warrant the imposition of criminal and administrative sanctions as may be found in pertinent laws, ordinances, and rules and regulations.”

Here’s to hoping no abuse from both these newly-deputized “force multipliers” AND the public (kumpare system) happen so that proper ECQ measures are observed so we can #flattenthecurve and save more lives.

Stay at home, neighbors.

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