Pancake House shooting victim’s sis-in-law wants CCTV’s in all establishments in the area

The sister-in-law of the woman shot inside Pancake House in BF Paranaque is calling on Barangay BF Homes to require all establishments in the area to be equipped with CCTV cameras.

In a post by the victim’s sister-in-law in a Facebook page, she called on Barangay BF Jeremy Marquez to act fast before the ugly incident gets repeated.

Her post read:

With the tragic death of my sis in law..I hope that CCTV should be install around BF Homes…as well as establishments should be required CCTV before giving them Barangay Clearance…And I hope Every post and corner of the whole Main street of BF HOmes… CALLING OFFICERS OF UBFHAI AND KAPITAN JEREMY MARQUEZ…


What do you guys think?

Should all establishments in the area have CCTV’s?

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