New and scary modus in Paranaque

From Aileen Apolo of (May 15, 2011):

I just heard an incident from my friend who lives in Better Living Subdivision that a group of armed men gate-crashed a neighbors party and took cellphones, laptops and other valuables of visitors.

The getaway car was a Fortuner.

Take care Paranaquenos!

Whether they are real criminals or nagtitrip trip lang, this is still very alarming.

Imagine being inside your own house then getting robbed like this.

Imagine the horror of your guests.

Good thing nobody was reported harmed.

Calling on the Paranaque Police and the village adminstrations of all cities not only in Paranaque but also in Muntinlupa and Las Pinas.

Do your jobs.


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  1. Flip says:

    scary.. :/