Modus Operandi in overpasses along Sucat Road — have you been a victim of this?

We saw a Facebook post warning other pedestrians frequenting Paranaque City overpasses about an alleged modus operandi being done by several low lives in the area.

The modus supposedly goes like this:

1. A male pedestrian approaches you once you step on the footbridge (sometimes even when waiting for jeepneys or FX along Sucat Road)

2. The male supposedly has picked up a dropped wallet or an expensive piece of jewelry

3. While male 1 is hurriedly telling you the story about how the wallet or jewelry was picked up or acquired, male 2 will suddenly appear and join the conversation

4. The two will then try to convince the victim to go somewhere dark or isolated or sometimes try to sell the jewelry to the would-be victim

Most of the netizens think this is a hold up modus wherein they would start to rob the innocent victim of her belongings or would even ask them to withdraw from their ATM accounts.

Other netizens piped in and confirmed that they too had seen or even talked to the two men — mostly by the Evacom footbridge along the highway or sometimes near the Kabihasnan area.

They also usually victimize pedestrians who are walking alone.

We didn’t see actual victims posting what happened to them but whatever the conclusion of the modus is, we should all be alarmed when two strangers walk up to us and engage us in a discussion about something we are not concerned about.

It is one thing to be helpful when other are in need but it is also not a bad thing to be cautious when something like this happens to you.

The original post of the netizen had photos of two men but we are opting not to post them since we are not sure that these two had actually done something wrong.

This post, owing to the post of the netizen, is aimed at warning everyone using the pedestrian footbridges along Sucat Road.

It is never bad to be too cautious.

We hope the Paranaque government also checks on this so pedestrians using those footbridges will not worry when using these pedestrian overpasses when crossing Sucat Road.

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