Meralco apologizes to Munti for bill discrepancy

The Manila Electric Co. (Meralco) apologized to the Muntinlupa City government over discrepancy in electric bills.

In her letter, accounts coordinator Rouelita Floreza, officer-in-charge of Meralco’s Payments Division, told Mayor Aldrin San Pedro that they are sorry for the confusion on the electric bills.

“We apologize for the misunderstanding this has caused on your part,” said Floreza, asking the mayor for “understanding on the matter.”

The confusion started when Meralco sent a demand letter to the Muntinlupa City government in November last over supposed accumulated electric bills amounting to P26.8 million which dates to 1999. The alleged bill covered the period from 1999 to November 2009.

Meralco even threatened to disconnect electricity of the city government, which could have severely affected the delivery of basic services to Muntinlupa residents.

The Muntinlupa City government disputed the Meralco letter saying that it pay its electric bills dutifully.

The city government sent Meralco a letter to dispute the company’s claims.

“We have paid monthly and in full all billings previous to September 2009.. As such, if as you say we have unpaid and accumulated charges, normally and legally, these should have been settled first by applying as payment thereof our previous monthly payments,” the Muntinlupa City government’s letter to Meralco said.

It told Meralco, “That our account stands current until September 2009 means that the City Government does not have an overdue obligation.”

“The amount stated in your letter, therefore, as well as your claim that these bills have aged considerably, has nothing to support itself,” the city government told Meralco.

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