Local health solutions provider, Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations, launches innovative health devices

As Filipinos increase their awareness and knowledge about the many illnesses, their desire for preventive measures increases as well.

Local health solutions provider, Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations, Inc. takes advantage of the opportunity and brought in the first and currently only patented non-invasive intranasal wearable device in the world. The health device is produced by Canadian company, Vielight, Inc.

The device functions using the medical technique called photobiomodulation which emits low-level laser light or photons to the nasal channel which triggers the cell’s innate ability to heal. It can help prevent, manage and improve conditions such as: Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Fatigue, Cancer, HIV, early onset Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia and many more.

Many of the benefits of using the device can be enjoyed after a period of medium to long term use but there are also many immediate effects that can be enjoyed. One of the more immediate noticeable effects of using Vielight is how it improves blood viscosity after just a single 25-minute use. Many users also experience an uninterrupted and deep sleep which gives them a more refreshed feeling when they wake up.


Vielight, Inc.’s CEO and Founder, Dr. Lew Lim made the partnership official during the launch last October 8, 2016 at Crimson Hotel. The launch was preceded by a lecture on photobiomodulation which was attended by members of the medical community, notable personalities and the media.


The increase of Filipino households’ disposable income due to the improving economy strengthens the ability to acquire preventive health care.


With our penchant for food and alcohol, Filipinos should really consider all their options in maintaining and keeping their body healthy and safe from harm.

MHAWII CEO and President, Mr. Gino Bonifacio, said: “There is no need to wait until you are sick to think about your health. We only have one life and we make the most out of it by living a healthy one.”

Menlo Health and Wellness Innovations, Inc. is offering free trial and live blood cell analysis at their office which is located at Unit 2210, Entrata Urban Complex (Crimson Hotel), 2609 Civic Drive, Filinvest Alabang, Muntinlupa City.

To schedule an appointment just call (+632)869-9277 or (+63998)959-5214. You can also send an email at contact@mhawii.com.

To learn more about the devices and photobiomodulation visit: http://www.mhawii.com/.

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