Let us be ready against those MO’s; We grieve with the Devantes family

We send our condolences to the family of another senseless crime victim Kae Devantes. She was from Las Pinas so this crime hits very close to home for us and for sure, you, our readers.

Her body was found in Silang, Cavite the next day she went missing or just a few hours after since she was confirmed missing around 2 a.m. and her car was found this weekend or a week after her very untimely death.

What is truly alarming is that her car was found also in Las Pinas.

So did the crime (abduction, carnapping, etc.) happen in Las Pinas?

We can only speculate until the complete results of the police investigation is released.

What we can do now is to pray. To pray for the soul of Kae and to pray that her family gets through this tough time.


As our help to our readers, we will remind you of the usual modus operandi that criminals employ with the hopes that no more innocent lives are wasted due to evil and greedy criminals.


1. Bump and Carnap

These criminals bump the rear of your car. You stop. They get down from their car. Overwhelm you with their presence and take advantage of you panicking. They then get your car. Worse, they sometimes take the victim with them.

So when someone bumps you especially at nighttime and in the middle of nowhere, don’t stop. Look for the nearest police station or a crowded place (then call the authorities). Or honk your horn several times to attract attention.

Your rear bumper can be repaired. Your life, you cannot replace.


2. Throwing something at your car

This was very prevalent in C-5 before. We don’t know if they still do this nowadays. They throw stones on your windshield so you stop again. Then they attack you. Eggs have also been used, according to online reports. Whether true or not, it’s better that we are aware of these things. If eggs are thrown at your windshield, do not turn the wiper on. This will just make it worse. Try your best to navigate to a safe spot.


3. Bukas Kotse

Please always keep your doors locked. These people look for unlocked car doors. They open the doors and get your bags or gadgets then run away.

Also, don’t text or browse the internet while your windows are open. They can just grab your phone then leave you there clueless as to what happened.

Worse, they can get in your car!


We just covered those that are well-known. We’re sure there are other MO’s out there.

The key is to be always vigilant and alert. Treat all those around you as suspects. We can never be too sure especially when we’re in public places.

But let us not make it easier for these criminals to ply their trade.

Let us fight back with our knowledge on what they are capable of doing. Let us be wiser than them. Let us be ready.


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