Las Piñas clears waterways to prevent flooding; pursues greening activities

Barangay officials and green volunteers in Las Piñas City are conducting series of clean up activities this summer to clear water ways and all tributaries of wastes in preparation before the on set of the rainy season to prevent flooding.
Las Piñas City Mayor Vergel Aguilar said former Mayor Imelda “Mel” Aguilar, the city’s clean and green chairperson, is on top of the clean up activities. The move, he explained, is to strengthen city government’s effort to “care for the environment, maintain cleanliness and attend to the physical and cultural well-being of our people.”
“In fact, we have launched our No-plastic Campaign and declared war against all forms of destructive environmental practices as our contribution to save Mother Earth,” Aguilar said.
Mel, for her part, said regular collection of garbage by more than 40 compactor trucks will be maintained, adding that more than 300 “Task Force Kalinisan” volunteer brigades and maintenance of the 1,000-strong Kaagapay sa Kalinisan at Kagandahan ng Las Piñas volunteers are doing the clean up and beautify major and secondary streets with necessary landscaping and fencing of open spaces.
She added greening of major thoroughfares and open spaces, including the construction and development of tree parking in almost all 20 barangays will be pursued.
The more than 1,000 green volunteers are in close coordination with barangay officals and homeowners for the conduct of the massive clean-up in their respective barangays and disseminate information and awareness to maintain cleanliness.
Aguilar likewise appealed to the residents and homeowners and school authorities to strengthen and maintain regular clean up drive activities in their surroundings to arrest the possible spread of disease.  
“We could not be complacent. We must take all the necessary preventive measures to ensure a safe and clean environment not only to protect the people but Mother Earth as well,” Aguilar said.
“Maintaining and strengthening clean and green program made us a multi-awarded city. We are able to sustain our development in the past and well into the future – truly making Las Piñas our City, our Home,” Aguilar he added. (END)

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