Extra Toll Gates in Las Pinas?

Click on this link to see where (who?) the extra toll gates in Las Pinas are.

Could be “donations” from jeepney drivers or personal gifts. Maybe it was the traffic enforcer’s birthday. Or maybe for the traffic enforcers not to be too strict with them stopping any time and any where along Alabang-Zapote Road to pick up and drop off passengers.

Whether the traffic enforcer asked for it or whether it was voluntary on the part of the jeepney driver, in our book, it still is wrong.

Alabang Bulletin is not saying that all the LP traffic enforcers of the city are like this particular one but we have witnessed several along the main highway of the city. This time, we were lucky (and hidden) enough to take a video of this illegal doing.

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  1. YHANG says:

    This is sooo not a secret in Las Pinas. They act as if whatever it is they’re doing isn’t exactly wrong. “Talamak” na ang TONG dito,
    ..at kung saan saan pa along Alabang-Zapote Road.

    Ang tanong, May aaksyon ba? At kung meron man, may mangyayari ba? Eh hawak din nila yung mga Traffic Enforcers na yan.

  2. I think that’s why jeepneys and other PUV’s in the city are brazen enough not to follow traffic rules and regulations because one illegal unloading is just equal to P5.

    I wonder how much the traffic enforcers get at the end of the day. Maybe even more than their salaries. That’s why they don’t mind drivers giving them “donations.”