BE AWARE: Here is what to expect when your cars get hit by rocks along MCX

As if it is not frustrating (and dangerous) enough to have your cars get hit by rocks along the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, what infuriates victims even more is how the MCX toll management personnel deals with the incident.

In relation to a post we shared yesterday on Facebook yesterday wherein SEVERAL vehicles were again hit by errant (okay, maybe intentional?) rocks from the surrounding areas of the highway last night around 8:24pm, one of the victims relayed to Alabang Bulletin what happened after she asked for assistance from MCX personnel.

Please listen to her tale below:

“Here’s what makes the matters worse:

1) All the cars hit were not assisted. The other 2 cars decided to leave na lang. We asked for patrol assistance so we can report accordingly. The toll personnel advised that NO ONE WILL ASSIST FROM THE BARANGAY. No vehicle will be provided.

2) Their solution is for us to go around Alabang and enter MCX again. And so we did. Upon arrival at the toll again, we were asked TO PAY AGAIN to meet the Patrol cars. Ano ba. Like a little bit consideration kaya? P29 is a small amount to pay BUT the principle behind all this? Really?

The MCX personnel obviously does not understand that they are privately owned, we pay toll to pass and for assistance, and goes without saying — safety.

Now we understand why nobody is pursuing any case with their nonchalance about this kind of incidents. That’s why people like us just resort to call for justice in a platform like yours, instead of truly seeking justice.

I don’t know what the MCX management is waiting for. Worse case scenario would be someone being gravely hurt from this, maybe?”

Frustrated, as expected, the victim added that Barangay Southville also informed them that the report they filed was only for internal purposes and that they could not get a copy of it.

Another victim (same night — probably one of the two cars who left) reached out to us and said their car was hit around 8:30pm.

“We got hit by a stone around 8:30pm. 30 minutes before us, a van was also hit by a stone as per the enforcer of SLEX,” said the other victim.

Second Victim

When asked what MCX management did to assist them, the motorist said that the toll operators did “nothing at all and just said they would dispatch patrol cars to check the area.”

Another victim said that another MCX personnel told them to report the incident to the Highway Patrol Group assigned in Bicutan.

What will it take for the MCX management to rid their highway of incidents like these?

This has been happening for the past year or so or even longer.

What can the motorists do? All they can do is trust that the toll fees they are paying for comes with security. Or not pass MCX altogether?

We hope MCX management gets serious about this and not wait for more serious incidents to happen.

“Hopefully the next victims won’t be one of their relatives,” said another frustrated victim.


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3 Responses

  1. Tito F. HERMOSO says:

    There seems to a corporate wide attitude of neglect for customers of the Ayala Group. First, our countrymen in Mandaluyong suffered the loss of Manila Water supply which continues till this day, Then a simple ugrade for the BPI computer ended in a week long off line for all on line transactions. Then Globe failed to deliver high quality internet signal for 7 hours. And now this devil may care attitude at MCx.

  2. Teofilo Jr. Corrales says:

    Siguro kailanagn Martial Law ang i-implement sa mga taong nakatira sa paligid nito. I,m sure mga squatters ang may kagagawan nito.

  3. NOEL says:

    Maybe the Ayalas are waiting for somebody to die before they take action. I was one of the latest victims together with the other 6 vehicles of this incident last night at around 9:00 pm.
    Worst, their patrol personnel are useless and do not have concerns to our safety.
    When will this incidents stop?

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