Another senior citizen falls victim to Budol Budol Gang in Alabang/Paranaque; Police calls for stricter and heavier fines

The Muntinlupa Police and other authorities are calling on the Philippine Congress to put more teeth into the penalty for Budol Budol Gang suspects.

This after another elderly woman was victimized by three women last week in Paranaque.

In a video of the incident from a CCTV by the bank where the act was committed, it could be seen that a woman was escorting an old lady into and out of the bank.

Please see video here:

Or here:

The lady was said to have lost around P1.5M in cash and in jewelry.

In the ABS-CBN report, it said that a woman approached the senior citizen inside a Paranaque mall and asked help on how to withdraw from a bank using her passbook.

Little did the victim know, it was going to be her bank account they were going to withdraw from as she was escorted by the woman to a car where two other women cohorts were waiting.

They proceeded to a bank near Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa.

After withdrawing, the old lady was left in a fastfood restaurant with the bag supposedly containing her money.

When she inspected the bag and its contents, all she saw were lumps of pad paper.

Now, the victim has trouble sleeping as she also experiences chest pains and increase in blood pressure.

According to Muntinlupa Police, crimes like these are often because the current bail for the said crime is only at P20,000 — a very far cry from the amount these criminals usually steal from their victims.

Hence, the call to make the crime a non-bailable offense.

So while this will be a long process before that happens, everyone, especially senior citizens are advised to always have someone with them when they go out of the house and not to trust strangers who ask them for favors or questions when they are out alone.


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