Alabang Bulletin is giving away something!

Well, the winner never emailed us again so we’re giving this one away again:)

Yes, we know you will look good in a World Traveller Flight Bag;p

You can either put your laptop or netbook (36cmx28cmx13cm) or other stuff when you travel around the Philippines or on you business trip somewhere:)

Anyway, we are looking for the lucky author of a comment made in any of the posts written from July 16 to August 16.

We will be entering the names/emails of the “commentators” in to determine who will win the bag. Remember, more comments you make, the more chances for you to win the bag as we will enter your name with all the entries you make:)

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No Responses

  1. Suzanne delos santos says:

    Win! 😀
    Goodluck to all who joined 😀

  2. Joyce A.Loredo says:

    Being away from the Philippines for quite sometime,any news that I gather from newspapers,t.v. and internet is very important.Especially when calamity strikes Philippines.After joining Alabang Bulletin,it gives me the informations I needed,because it’s close to home. Muntinlupa is my hometown and any pictures or news regarding this place is vital. As I need assurance and peace of mind when I’m working abroad. Thank you to all the staff of Alabang Bulletin to keep me/us abreast with the latest issue/news concerning our place and our country. job well than.

    Joyce Loredo

    • Thank you for the kind words, Joyce. Trust that we will continue bringing you news in the future:)

      Help us spread the word about Alabang Bulletin too:)

  3. Melcy Junio says:

    nice! too bad the previous winner didn’t claim it. good luck to the rest of us.