The State of the Philippine Elections as told by an Uninformed Citizen

Reprinted from the Pinoy Quarterlife Crisis Blog

Yes, although I love watching the news and being online all the time is part of my job, I am an Uninformed Citizen when it comes to the upcoming elections. Yes, I do not know half of the people running for Senate. And yes, I just believe what I hear from my friends, colleagues and especially the media.

So based on all those outside influences (and also based on my not so keen sense of observation), here is my take on the upcoming elections.

It’s confusing.


Bong Revilla is once again leading in the survey for senatoriables according to my mom. “Would you believe?” she added. No, I don’t want to believe because I want my faith in my kababayans restored by learning that they are not really voting for this guy. I do not care if he has passed more bills than Noynoy. He should stick to showbiz. Don’t ask me why or don’t even call me anti-showbiz. I’m not. Ask my girlfriend. I just feel like there are more deserving statesmen in the country. That’s it. Same with Jinggoy Estrada. He too is leading in the surveys, I heard. I don’t care if he lost weight already. He had an operation or surgery to achieve that. That’s just not fair for overweight and less-moneyed citizens like me. But that’s not the reason why I dislike him. I actually don’t dislike him. I just don’t like him. There’s a difference. Again, there are more deserving people. I didn’t even feel that he was a senator. I only felt his presence every time he defended his father. He can help the poor some other way. Not with our money.

I will also not vote for Bongbong. This is because I remember what their family did to our country (I hope you do too). And also to my grandfather. But this is another story. Why are Filipinos so forgiving? What if he does what his father did? Even if he doesn’t, what CAN he do? Put up solar windmills all over the country? C’mon guys, let’s think about this more. We are paying for what his father did. Let us have him pay for what his father did too.

Lito Lapid is running again?! Strong prayers are required here. In the name of the Father, and of the Son…

Maza, Satur Ocampo and Riza Hontiveros. Hmm…weren’t they communists? Will they just go against any law that is brought to the Senate? Yes, I heard they are for the people. I hope they really are.

Good thing there’s television and electric posts or else I wouldn’t know who JV Bautista, Neric Acosta, Silvestre Bello (what the hell is a justiceman?), Lambino (see, I even forgot his family name and I’m even too lazy to google it!) and Ompong Plaza are. But I’m hoping against hope that they win–even just to get rid of the trapos that are going to.

I’m voting for Miriam just because I’m afraid of her finding out that I didn’t vote for her and her giving me a mouthful about it.

I might vote for Rey Langit just because of pity. How many times has he ran for Senate?

Vice Presidentiables

I don’t know about you but I just don’t seem to detect any hint of sincerity in Loren Legarda. I don’t know why. I also still believe that Mar Roxas married Korina just to get more votes. If they’re really in love then good for them. I think Bayani and Binay should just put on gloves and get it over with. I pity Edu. I guess promises are made to be broken. What happened to his funding. As of today, I’ve only seen four posters of him in the South area of Manila. Chiz Escudero’s endorsement of Binay also helped the cause of the Makati mayor. He is now second in the surveys.


Erap. What more can I say? Although not convicted, there was semblance of guilt somewhere there, do you agree? He DID something wrong. Although probably not that magnified. I’m pretty sure he did a few things that were not legal. I already talked to an uncle in the US. I’m moving there if Erap wins.

If Villar wins, I hope he doesn’t use his power to get back all the money that he’s spent in his campaign. To tell you honestly, I don’t really care if he did or didn’t swim in a sea of garbage or if he celebrated Christmas in the streets. I just don’t want him to use our money for personal gains like what everyone else is claiming he’ll do. That Camille Villar’s a cutie too, huh?

How about that JC Delos Reyes? Isn’t he one of the bravest souls you’ve ever seen? He is probably the most idealistic (borderline crazy?) person I have seen. It seems like he doesn’t intend on winning. He just wants his party’s advocacy to be known. And he doesn’t mind looking crazy doing it too. Now that’s courage.

Noynoy is Noynoy. Psychiatric test or not, he is still Kris’ brother and Cory and Ninoy’s son. For me, that’s all he is for now. I didn’t like what he said about what would happen if he loses though. That’s just arrogance. If he wins, I hope he doesn’t get Kris as Malacanang’s spokesperson. Oh, please Lord, no!

Is Dick Gordon the second coming of Raul Roco? Or are they just as impatient as the next losing presidential candidate? I know a lot of people supporting Gordon and I think they all are pretty educated. Too bad most Filipino voters are not.

Gibo’s candidacy is gaining ground. Well, he’s a pilot so…Anyway, was he always called Gibo or did he just invent the name just to give him a masa appeal? Even Erap and Jinggoy say he’s the perfect guy for the job other than an Estrada. Well, those are not the most credible of sources anyway. If it’s true that most governors are for him then may tulog siya. If he loses, being identified with PGMA for the longest time will probably be his downfall. He should’ve disengaged himself earlier. I’m trying to think of a politically correct term for hotness for his wife but I can’t seem to do so.

Jejejejamby! Is she the leader of the Jejemons? I wonder what happens if she wins. I think she joined just to make campaign life a living hell for Villar. As for Perlas and Bro. Eddie, I haven’t seen them enough on TV for me to judge their campaigns.

Local Elections and Party Lists

We can only vote for one party list? But there are soooo many of them! Clever names, I may add. It seems like most of them just added the letter “A” in front of their names just so they would be the first ones on the list. Haha. Wise move.

As for the local elections, I’m from Las Pinas and I don’t know any of the councilors running. All I know is the incumbent mayor and his family is going to be the mayor for the next 20 or so years. I’m just glad I’m not from where Ara Mina and Manny Pacquiao are.

TV Commercials

If Gwen Pimentel wins, will her father always be by her side? Every poster and every television commercial, Nene’s there! Gwen passes a bill! Nene is there beside her. As if her mouth can’s speak for the two of them already.

Who here hates Sarah Geronimo’s jingle for Loren. With a passion.

Manong Johnny probably has the most disturbing commercial by far. Check out those dance moves. If you can just “un-vote” a person to give him a negative vote then I probably would just because of his commercials. Gusto niya happy tayo? He probably should retire then.

I told myself not to vote for candidates with insulting commercials. So far, I have five on my list so “Back Off!”

On PGMA running again

This just lacks class. And this is just plain suspicious. Add to this the Supreme Court allowing her to choose the next Chief Justice. Doubly suspicious. What is she up to? WHAT IS SHE UP TO?!


Again, I’d like to reiterate that I am just an uninformed observer. All those mentioned above are based on hearsay and those that I’ve seen on TV and on Facebook. So much for research. But I’m getting there. I’m slowly filtering the candidates. I’m just letting them throw mud at each other then I’ll see whose head is above the garbage (haha).

This is our first computerized elections so this is going to be exciting (damn, those Sexbomb Girls are distracting!). What kinds of dirty tricks will politicians think of this time? Hopefully not too much lives are wasted this time.

I pray (this, we should all do a lot) that the winning candidates will be God-fearing and Filipino-fearing at the same time. I pray that they may have moral (or at least legal) consciences to lead our country out of this mess that we are in. I am hopeful that whoever wins will put Filipinos first before their own interests. Let us all be conscientious as well when we vote. Let us not vote just because the candidates had the most number of TV spots or just because Winnie Monsod or Baby James said so. We all know what this country needs. We need moral and strong leaders. Those who can say “no” to temptations and to their evil friends. Those who we can be proud of.

Before we believe in the candidates, let us first believe in ourselves. That we can pick the best among the rest (not the best, I must say). Remember, this is our future. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

Unlike me, let us all be informed.

Let us all vote wisely.


Wisely–a good name for a party list;p

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  1. Iya Santos says:

    love this entry.

    i will be moving to the US if noynoy wins and makes kris as spokesperson.

    and yes, wisely is a good party list name. hehehe.

    – iya

    • chelrule says:

      I’m voting for Miriam too … I like the all names she calls all them traps in the Senate. And half of them traps don’t show any reaction at all at the names she calls them ’cause they can’t figure out what those names mean anyway [which probably shows that they need to read more since their “bobo-ity” is showing to the max]