REMINDER: Bringing BF Homes security entry passes outside the village has penalties

A reminder to all passing-through vehicles in BF Homes Paranaque — never bring out the security pass issued to you by the guard where you entered outside the village.

Or it will cost you.

This was the experience of one motorist recently as she forgot to claim her driver’s license from one of the BF gates and had to pay the fine.

For those who don’t know or those who don’t take time out to read the back of the security pass, please see the guidelines below:

  1. There will be a penalty of P500 for bringing this pass outside the subdivision.
  2. Loss or damage of this pass shall likewise cost you P500.
  3. License or Valid ID not claimed within 24 hours will be turned over to the Security Office and shall be fined P500.
  4. Fake ID and license will be confiscated with penalty of P500.
  5. Non-resident vehicles without sticker and gate pass if caught within the subdivision will be fined P1,000.

There is also a sort of terms and conditions at the back of the security pass which serves as an agreement.

“You agree to obey its rules and regulation (sic) as a condition for entry,” as written in the BFFHAI security pass.

We were told that the guards would still charge you even if you were just a few meters away from the guardhouse already and forgot to claim your ID.

So just to avoid being inconvenienced and with less money in your pockets, let us all remember the guidelines and the penalties when entering BF Homes Subdivision when you don’t have stickers on your cars.

Some have asked us if this is legal or not? Maybe our lawyer readers can chime in. All we know is “their village, their rules.”

Drive safely, everyone!

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