Passing through in BF Homes Paranaque not allowed anymore

THE United BF Homeowners Association, Inc. announced this weekend that motorists with the Las Pinas Friendship Sticker can no longer exit the village going to Paranaque and Muntinlupa cities.

This means that Friendship Route sticker-holders can only exit at the Las Pinas gates of BF Homes, namely the Southville, Concha Cruz (Standard), Southland and Mariposa gates.

This measure will take effect on Monday, Sept. 13, 2010, as per the UBFHAI announcement.

“Passing-through vehicles with LPC Friendship stickers usually exiting at the Paranaque and Muntinlupa gates are advised to seek alternate routes starting Sept. 13, 2010,” announced the UBFHAI officials.

The gates they are referring to are the Lopez, Aguirre and the Elizalde gates.

Just wondering…if a motorist with a Friendship Route sticker enters any of the Las Pinas gates, will the UBF guards really stop them from exiting at the other restricted gates?

This means more traffic in the said gates as we are sure many motorists will still try their “luck” in passing through.

This also means that UBF has to commission their guards to check whether those exiting the restricted gates really have BF stickers.

Is this another way for the controversial homeowner association to “force” motorists to purchase their expensive stickers (P1,200 or P1,500?)?

“We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you but we have to mitigate (not even solve) the horrendous traffic problem inside BF Homes. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you,” expressed UBFHAI.

Is this the real reason? Is this the only way for them to control the “horrendous traffic” inside the village?

We heard there is a new set of UBFHAI officers. Is this their first “official” move?

We can only guess.

We respect (sort of) the ruling by UBFHAI. We just hope that this really solves the traffic problem inside BF Homes. Let us see after the Maynilad diggings.

We also hope that when non-residents purchase the UBF stickers, the money goes to fixing their roads, improving their security and assigning more traffic enforcers to control the traffic situation there.

We hope.

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  1. Rachelle says:

    Haaay salamat naman! For us commuters, the main cause of traffic is the bottlenecks of BF Paranaque gates (Toyota Alabang-Zapote road et al…) With no passers through, hoping the traffic eases up. Now, I also hope they do something about the traffic in front of the Police Station near the Alabang SLEX interchange as well as the U-turn underneath the SLEX interchange in-front of Metropolis …

  2. Juan Palaban says:

    When they open the BF Homes Pque Gates to the public, by the city gov’t (as far as i know)…what happend to our streets and security…if you pass by el grande, ang sama ng kalye, bako bako…di inasikaso ng city govt kahit ayusin ng konti yung kalye, pinabayaan lang…at isa pang point, mga resident ng pque, di naman pinapadaan din sa friendship route ng LP…what i think the best solution for this problem, mag usap yung sino mga concern, kung UBFHAI or city goverment and mga city govt ng LP…think of a way or payagan din nila mga may sticker ng BF Pque to pass thru sa friendship nila…tulong tulong lang…think out of kung sino ang namamahala dito…hirap kasi kanya kanya tayo, puro sila sila, tayo tayo lang…hindi ba pwedeng TAYONG LAHAT…para lahat happy sa huli…

  3. Tony Laps says:

    I think you can still TRY getting in… The BF guards are useless and incompetent… maybe in the first few weeks its going to be hard… give it time NINGAS COGON attitude will rule 😉 Some guards pa nga just give them 20 bucks papasukin rin kayo. hay nako pati cla you can bribe them…