Kotong Cop in West Service Road

hello there,

 i truly wish i had my camera yesterday…as we were driving home along the west service road towards alabang hills, we saw not once, but 4 times, a cop in his mmda uniform, stopping jeepneys and without even saying anything, money was handed over by the jeepney driver to the cop..when a jeepney was stopped right in front of us..we clearly saw P100 handed over to the cop…the cop saw us watching and quickly blew his whistle and waved us along….no wonder the jeeps can get away with driving like maniacs and being king of the roads….they just pay off the cop to look away and do nothing about the traffic congestion and erratic driving. double sigh……

We hope the people in authority address this immediately. As reported here before, this practice is also being done along Alabang-Zapote Road. Alabang Bulletin was even a witness to this last week once again as we saw a jeepney driver “donate” P5 to the Las Pinas traffic enforcer assigned in front of SM Southmall around 9:30 p.m.

Calling on the traffic police of Muntinlupa and Las Pinas. Please do something about this. If corruption starts with the traffic enforcers, can it be assumed that bigger guns get larger payola that’s why they can’t control their own ranks for fear of being exposed?

We’re just thinking out loud. (Ed’s Note)

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