A close encounter with the Shuttle Holdaper

An Alabang Bulletin reader who came across the picture of the “Shuttle Holdaper” wrote to us today to tell us that the suspect had again been in the Standard Chartered shuttle service terminal just a couple of days after holding up one shuttle with two of his cohorts.

Read his story here:

I came across your article/photo regarding this holdaper.  I believe he’s the same person who sat beside me when I rode a shuttle from Standard Chartered to SM Bicutan route (also via Skyway). 

He was wearing a white baseball cap, a hoodie, and camo shorts and slippers. 

It’s rather unusual/rare for a person dressed up in that kind of manner to ride a more expensive shuttle home than taking a bus/jeep (please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I’m stereotyping people). 

A few minutes before he came and got on the shuttle, the barker/collector was narrating a story of a hijacking of a shuttle (Didn’t get the full details, but judging from his story– I assumed it happened to one of the shuttles in that terminal).  I got alarmed after hearing pieces of the story.
When he got on board, he acted suspiciously.  I didn’t feel safe sitting beside him so I prepped an empty water bottle just in case I would need to hammer him with something with (the bottle cap). 

All throughout the trip, I was looking towards his vicinity so I can see everything that he does.

He did not do anything until he got down at SM Bicutan, my guess was he was “scouting” the route and the shuttle.

Please disseminate this information if you can.

 Hope this helps.  Thank you very much!

So we asked the reader (reader requested anonymity for security reasons) when this was to find out if this was before or after the Friday incident.

Here was the reply:

This happened just this Tuesday night.  Around 7:40pm–probably one of the last shuttles I got to ride back to Bicutan.  Ironic really for that incident werein the Barker/Collector just narrated the story and then here comes the actual perpretrator riding.
Anyway, yes–please urge your readers to be more vigilant. 

I was talking to my dad this morning and narrated my experience. 

He advised me not to fight the suspect.  To protect one’s self would be just, but to risk your life in exchange of losing some personal items wouldn’t also be worth it. 

I just hope and pray that the authorities or even the drivers in the terminal catch him before another incident happens.

So there, the suspect/s might strike again soon.

According to the dispatchers, they already have copies of the Shuttle Holdaper’s picture and that they do check the faces of the passengers now.

We think they were able to get a hold of the picture just last Wednesday.

Hopefully, they get caught.

Until they’re roaming arround terrorizing innocent people, please be more careful. Be more vigilant.

Please spread the word and please be extra cautions especially nowadays that a lot of these things are happening.

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