Exhibitionist caught inside Las Pinas village charged

After showing his naked self to a household helper inside Philam Village in Las Pinas, Roland Ciruvano Jr. was apprehended and is currently being detained at the Las Pinas Police station while waiting for formal proceedings.

He allegedly admitted to the deed.

According to sources, he had victimized other female residents in the past as well and was also charged with theft some four years ago.

Other residents are calling on other victims inside the village to come forward and add to the present charges.

Alabang Bulletin also found out that Ciruvano even “flashed” a nun inside the village once.

“He has also been seen lying down in the bushes waiting for unsuspecting victims,” said another villager, adding the perversion can easily escalate to assault and rape if he is not charged and banned from the village as soon as possible.

If ever he gets banned in Philam Village, he might just relocate to nearby villages so this serves as a warning as well to other villagers in the area.



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