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Anything can be the next big thing right now. Everything is at the tip of your fingertips; you have no reason not to know. That is why they believe that learning also goes beyond books and don’t necessarily take most of your time. Yet they also offer something life changing, may cause a ripple effect by change and better informed decisions.

At VentureLab Business Resource Center, Inc., knowledge is more than just information. It is a driving force that allows you to navigate yourself at your own pace. VentureLab lives by the mantra “Empowering Passionate Minds”. Let them help you through learning. Whether you want to be your own boss, our business start-up seminars will hand it to you straight. Looking for a new hobby? Photography 101 is the perfect start for you, simple and sweet.  Want to improve your craft or better yet, enhance your team in the corporate world? Do you love your job and want to improve on it? VentureLab believes that learning and development should always be continuous and sustainable. Their Professional/Corporate Seminars provide education on valuable topics that will surely aid individuals, professionals, and corporate employees in their lines of work. They can even DESIGN A CORPORATE TRAINING PROGRAM based on your company’s needs.



They also offer a fully-functional room at an affordable fee for YOUR company seminars, trainings, workshops, group presentations, focus group discussions, product briefings, interviews, administration of tests, or for whatever purpose you may see fit. The Venue Package rates vary depending on the number of total participants and duration of the booking(s). Just e-mail them the project details and they can provide an accurate cost estimate right away.

You only have to bring your open-minded self. All seminars come with a kit (handouts, notebook, and pen), 2 snacks and lunch. Most importantly, their company will always strive to provide learning with a balance of youth and experience consistently.



Discounted seminar price awaits early bird and group enrollees!

View their website or contact us at 0926.7332647 and (02) 511.7226.

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