Senate approves Kasambahay Bill

Also known as SB 78, the Kasambahay Bill introduced by Sen. Jinggoy Estrada has already been approved.

The bill seeks for providing for additional benefits and protection to househelpers and also to reward the unsung heroes in households.


Some of the benefits kasambahays will now be enjoying are provision for a minimum wage of P3,000 for household helpers working in urbanized cities (includes Muntinlupa, Paranaque and Las Pinas), contracts between them and employers, ready first aid kits and livable quarters and also the issuance of payslips for their records.


Household helpers cannot also be beholden to work for employer due to loans made by the kasambahay.


SSS and Philhealth contributions by them should also be encouraged by employers.


The bill is also working on the declaration of an “Araw ng mga Kasambahay”.


Great job, we must say, as the kasambahays also deserve to be treated like normal employees (if you’re not already doing it). They truly are the unsung heroes in every household.


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