Outstanding citizens/employees honored in Paranaque

In line with the celebration of its 13th cityhood anniversary, the City of Parañaque under the administration of Mayor Florencio Bernabe, Jr. honored its outstanding citizens and outstanding government employees in fitting ceremonies on Sunday, February 13, 2011.

The Most Outstanding Citizen Award is given to residents whose achievements have brought honour or who have rendered great service to the city or country. The Outstanding Government Employee Award is vested to LGU and NGA employees in Parañaque who exhibited unequalled excellence, diligence and dedication to work and duty that redounded to the benefit of fellow-citizens.

Named “2011 Most Outstanding Citizens of Parañaque” were bemedalled ice skater Jem Aizen Guhit;   and stage actress and concert singer Gerphil- Geraldine “Fame” Flores. Accorded “Most Outstanding Government Employee Award” were Daniel Golez, a Brgy. Health Worker in the City Health Office; Felix Rejuso, a Day Care Teacher in the Barangay Operations Office; F/Sr. Insp. Jerlin Jerden Sales of the P’que Fire Dept (BFP); PO3 Marvin Buemio of the Parañaque PNP; Hilarion Mendoza, a staff in the Florencio V. Bernabe, Sr. Memorial Hospital; Traffic Enforcer Anthony Laborte of the P’que Traffic Management Office; Metchita Valencia and Nestor Vargas, both Streetsweepers of the Solid Waste and Environmental Sanitation Office (SWAESO).

“Many good things occurred in Parañaque in recent years. Under a kind and caring administration, it rose to prominence and gained renown as a clean, beautiful, peaceful, healthy and progressive city. Today, with a comprehensive development program that integrates and balances the social, economic and environmental aspects of development, this LGU continues to promote citizen welfare and improve the city’s livability, competitiveness and bankability. On the occasion of the city’s 13th cityhood anniversary, I cordially thank all the sectors that comprise the community for their invaluable contribution to the development of Parañaque as the Prime Habitat City and Investors’ Haven of the Metro South.”, Mayor Bernabe said.

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