Munti council rejects Bgy Ayala Alabang ban on contraceptives

By Aie Balagtas See

(The Philippine Star) Updated February 26, 2011 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines – The Muntinlupa City council has remanded an Ayala Alabang ordinance banning sex education and the sale of contraceptives back to the barangay council after finding some of its provisions contrary to existing national laws, an official said yesterday.

City public information chief Omar Acosta said a letter was sent to the barangay councilmen to inform them of the city council’s position.

“The council believes that there are certain provisions that need to be changed,” Acosta said. “The letter explained why the council didn’t pass the ordinance.”

Councilor Raul Corro told The STAR they will await the barangay’s reply before conducting a public hearing on the ordinance, entitled “Protection of the Unborn Child Ordinance of 2011,” passed on Jan. 3.

The ordinance bans the sale of contraceptives without a prescription and any form of contraceptive advertisement within the village’s jurisdiction.

Educational institutions were also prohibited from teaching compulsory sex education without prior consultation and written permission from the parents or guardians of minor students from public and private schools.

Barangay employees and its agencies are banned from soliciting, accepting, or dispensing contraceptives. Violators can face be fined P1,000 to P5,000 and face imprisonment of six months to one year.

Barangay officials caught violating the ordinance will be dismissed from office and “shall thereafter be barred from holding any public office,” while establishments or companies will face cancellation of business permits.

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