Kidnapping modus in ATC a false alarm; Find out real story here

Alabang Bulletin was able to verify that the supposed botched kidnapping inside Alabang Town Center that spread out on social media (even our site published it and we have now taken that down) recently was just a false alarm.

Here is the post of the mother as she cleared things up regarding the incident:

From Charissa Cacnio via Facebook:


ATC Management and I have been in constant communication and cooperation to further investigate the July 19 incident, we are very relieved and comforted to find out that it was a false alarm.

Apparently, the parent was indeed inside the mall but was busy attending to some matters which seemed that the child was left unsupervised.

To conclude the findings: There is no syndicate, nor modus operandi related to this incident at Alabang Town Center.

In spite the reassuring news, may we all still continue to be vigilant and be prepared to take action in keeping our community and children safe at all times. May we protect ourselves and the children for unnecessary torment.

May the post serve its greater purpose:
To prevent crimes most especially to children.

To encourage people to share their experiences without fear of judgment; and readers to be more compassionate than judgmental. Who knows? The courage to share could have benefited or saved at least 1 person/child. Wouldn’t that be enough reason?

To foster community relationship, cooperation and genuine concern for each other.

Again, thank you ATC Management for the cooperation and swift action. And thank you for those who shared creating awareness in keeping our community safe.


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