How much are BF Resort villagers paying for their Maynilad connection?

Alabang Bulletin received an email from a BF Resort resident asking us for help in finding out how much other BF resort villagers are paying and asking what they SHOULD be paying for the Maynilad connection inside their village.


Here is his email below:





Regarding your post on Maynilad Water Installation Charge on Philam costing 45,000 pesos, you mentioned that there are explanation per village why it cost that way.


I’m a resident of BF Resort Las Pinas and as I was checking my bill – I am paying additional 515 pesos per month for installation charge. When I called Maynilad they told me that I am being charged 45,000 pesos split into 60 months installment option. I asked why it was that high and they told me to contact BF Resort as that was their agreement.


I find it too steep to pay that much while other subdivisions are just paying 7,500 per household. Please help me in getting an explanation.



So how much are you paying and what can you say about this?


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