BF Resort past president reports on status of village

BF Resort Village Association immediate past president Atty. Myrna Mercader’s office sent us this circular (we don’t know for what reason but this is still news so here we go) so we are printing it for BF Resort villagers and those who are interested to find out the status of the Las Pinas village.


Here is the letter in its entirety:

June 30, 2011
For       :           All BFRV Homeowners                                                           
From    :           ATTY. MYRNA C. MERCADER
                                    Immediate Past President (2010-2011)
Subject:           Report of Achievements of the Board of Directors under 
                            the Immediate Past Presidency of Atty. Myrna C. Mercader
                            for the Period July 1, 2010 to June 15, 2011
Hereunder are some of the major tasks and projects that the Board of Directors of the BF Resort Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (BFRVHAI) achieved under my Presidency as of this writing.  This list is not complete due to lack of space.
The achievements listed hereinbelow may be summarized, thus: 
Growth of the cash holdings of BFRVHAI from over Php800 thousand  as of July 1, 2010 to P10.5 million as of May 31, 2011; improved services to the homeowners/lessees; strengthened internal control system (especially those that involve cash handling and safekeeping); improved accounting and record-keeping system;  upkeep and maintenance of the clubhouse and its premises as well as the village premises; improved security services; others.
A.  On Financial Resources:
1. Build-up of cash from barely Php800 Thousand in July 2010 to Php10.5 million as of May 31,
    2011, with all payables updated except Meralco bills on account of the pending Meralco
    posts rationalization;
2.  Set up of separate accounts for the different bond liabilities;
3.  Spread cash holdings to different depository banks to be within the Php500k PDIC insurance
B.  On Strengthened Internal Control System:
1. Hired the Finance Officer of the Association (vacant for long time)
2. Hired the Bookkeeper of the Association (vacant for long time)
3. Strengthened  internal control measures on and including:
·         Cash holdings and accountabilities
·         Collections from the swimming pools
·         Collections from the gates (controls)
·         Regular and unannounced cash counts of
·         cash holdings of cash custodians
·         Keeping of all cash on hand inside the cash vault
·         Property custodianship
·         Regular financial reporting
·         Regular and up-to-date keeping of the books of accounts
·         Updated registration of the books of accounts and official receipts with BIR
·         Custodianship and safekeeping of accountable forms and documents put under the custodianship of the Finance Officer to safeguard the same
·         Financial reports and documents put and kept under the custodianship of the Finance Officer for their safekeeping
·         Purchase of a filing cabinet with built-in-vault to safeguard daily cash holdings
·         Careful and objective review of all contracts for the BFRVHAI.
C.  On Association Rules and Regulations as well as Operating Policies
1. Approved rules and regulations as well as operating policies designed to protect the
    Association and to safeguard its assets.
D.  On Personnel Concerns:
1. Sponsored certain  personnel benefits to improve the general welfare of the employees;
2. Introduced the merit and award system
3. Introduced  the Performance Rating System
4. Conducted monthly personnel meetings
5. Fostered camaraderie among the employees
6. Instilled discipline among the employees
7. Updated personnel records and contributions to the various government agencies
     concerned:  SSS, Phil Health, BIR, etc.
E.  On Clubhouse  Maintenance
1. Renovated and repainted the clubhouse
2. Cleaned the clubhouse social hall and offices
3. Repaired, cleaned, and maintained the swimming pools and their premises
4. Scrubbed, repainted and cleaned the shower and dressing rooms as well as comfort rooms
5. Cleaned of the clubhouse premises (front, side, and back)
6. Rehabilitated, lighted up, and landscaped the jogging lane, including the benches
7. Trimmed and maintained the trees within the clubhouse premises
8. Kept the clubhouse and its premises well lighted
9. Landscaped the clubhouse and jogging lane premises
10. Removed and cleaned up the rotten buildings within the clubhouse premises
F.   On Guard Houses/Gates/Entrances
1. Repainted the guardhouses  and Control Office
2. Repaired and repainted gates
3. Lighted and cleaned the  guardhouses
4. Installed, repaired and maintained the guardhouse booms.
G.  On Village Maintenance
1. Revived the lighting along JB Tan corner Capitoline, that remained dark for years
2. Grass cut and mopped up vacant lots
3. Declogged and maintained drainage system
4. Trimmed and maintained trees
5. Constructed, repaired, and repainted humps
6. Maintained the non-friendship (secondary) streets
7. Coordinated with the City Hall on the repair of friendship roads
H.  On the Waste Management System (WMS)
1. Developed and operationalized the WMS, where junk collectors in uniform were accredited 
     and who sold their kalakals to the Association.  On the same day, the same kalakals are sold
     to the accredited junk shop operators.  WMS reduced the problem of scavenging that posed
     as risks to the security of the homeowners, while earning respectable profits out of the WMS
     operations.  With a start up capital of over P80,000.00, the fund is now about P600,000.00.
I.  On the Improvement of Security Services
1. Monitored daily the gating services of the security guards
2. Monitored daily the roving services of the security guards
3. Reviewed the daily security reports
4. Recommended remedial/corrected measures on security problems that
    were identified
J.  On Installation of the BFRVHAI Official Bulletin Board
1. The official BFRVHAI bulletin board was put up, where all notices, periodic reports, and other
     announcement as wells as new and developments are posted.
K.  On Maintenance and Purchase of Transportation Equipment
1.Maintained  the dump truck, old L300, Suzuki, and other transportation equipment of the  
2.Purchased  a new L300 van.
3.Construction of Garage to house and protect the  BFRVHAI vehicles
L. On the Display of Pictures of Past Presidents and Current Officers and Directors of the 
1. The pictures of past presidents and those of the present officers and directors of the 
    Association are now on display at the social hall of the Clubhouse to orient the homeowners 
    of their identities.
M.  On Mediation of Complaints of Affected Homeowners
1. Resolved, mediated, and/or acted upon complaints of affected homeowners.
N.  On the Humanitarian and Social Aspects
1. Approved the Damayan Program for homeowners
2. Approved the Damayan Program for employees
3. Approved the Damayan Program for past and present directors
4. Conducted outreach programs for the less privileged
5. Visited and condoned with the bereaved families of employees and 
     homeowners who passed away
6. Attended to the problems of members brought to the attention of the
     Association, thru the President
7. Restored the flag raising ceremonies every Monday
O. On Meralco Posts Inside BF Resort Village:
1. Caused the joint inventory with Meralco of Meralco Posts within the 
     BF Resort Village;
2. Caused the Sectoralization of Meralco posts within the BF Resort Village
P.  On Participation and Cooperation in re: Church Activities
1. The Association, its Directors, Officers, and employees participated and cooperated                
    with the various activities of the Mary Mother of the Church on a year-round basis.
Q.  On Sectoral Outreach Programs

1. The Directors, Officers, and employees of the Association assisted the different    
     sectors in their respective needs ranging from security, maintenance, sports, and   
      other needs.
2.  Held sectoral meetings (all sectors and  individual sectors) to reach out to and   
      report the latest developments to them.
R.  On Water Supply
1.  Continued the legal battle with BF Homes and Philippine Waterworks Construction  
     Corporation before the (on a pro bono basis):
            66.1.  National Water Resources Board (NWRB);
            66.2. Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB);
            66.3. Court of Appeals (CA);
            66.4.  Regional Trial Court of Las Pinas City, Branch 255.
2.  Negotiated with the following agencies for the entry into the BF Resort Village
     of Maynilad:
              2.1.  Maynilad;          2.2.  BF Homes;      2.3.  Office of the Mayor, Las Pinas City
S.  On Coordination with the Barangay Talon Dos
1. Coordinated very well with the Barangay Talon dos on the various activities relative to the
    maintenance of the premises of the village, maintenance of peace and order; and on the 
    settlement of homeowners disputes.
T.  On Coordination with the City of Las Pinas
1. Coordinated with the Office of the Mayor and the other offices of Las Pinas City for the
     delivery of basic services to the homeowners.
U.  On Various Programs Undertaken
1.  Christmas Bazaar to raise the 13th month fund for employees
2.  Summer Bazaar
Las Pinas City, June 30, 2011.
Immediate Past President
Copy Furnished:
Hon. Vergel “Nene” Aguilar               Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
Mayor, Las Pinas City                           NCRFO
                                                                       Quezon City
                                                                       (by registered mail with return card)
Hon. Luis Bustamante                         Hon. Danny Hernandez
Vice Mayor                                              Councilor
Las Pinas City                                          Las Pinas City 
Hon. Ruben Sanchez
Chairman, Brgy Talon Dos
Las Pinas City

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