There’s a new extortion modus operandi going around; Know what to do when this happens to you

There is a new modus operandi in town.

Owing to the recent killings happening all over the country today, a group of individuals are now abusing this by pretending you have a bounty on you and you have to pay them so they will not continue with the “hit” on you.

Reading several posts online, the group finds a way to know your first name and your mobile number and uses the element of surprise AND fear to lure their victims.

We do not know where they get their information but one of the would-be victims think they use information they get from friends in mobile phone loading stations.

What happens is you receive a phone call from someone who knows your name and they tell you a grand story they had been hired to kill you for a certain amount and ask that you pay them more than said amount (ranging from P50,000 to P100,000) so they will not kill you.

Payment should be made via Cebuana Lhullier, according to a Facebook post.

One individual called by these men reported his situation to 911 and was asked to file a formal blotter.

The police acknowledged the report as another form of Dugo Dugo Gang tactic and asked everyone to be cautious and report to them should this happen to them too.

The authorities, together with the victim, even called the so-called executioners to try to get as much information from them.

They found out that the men only know his first name but not even his surname and location, making this an obvious extortion ploy.

We haven’t heard of an actual victim who had to pay but please don’t be the first one.

Don’t panic when this happens to you and never give out more information about you or any of your family members.

Please report to the police if this happens to you and please be careful where you put your number down or who you give it to.

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