Speeding inside BF Homes Paranaque alarms residents; Car turns turtle inside village (photo)


Shown above is a picture from a Facebook friend. A car that turned turtle along Tirona Ave. just before noon today.

Witnesses said that passengers were young adults who were often speeding inside the Paranaque village.

With this incident, BF residents are angry and alarmed over motorists racing inside the village or travelling at frightening speeds.

We hope the homeowners association (UBFHAI) and Barangay BF do something about this.

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1 Response

  1. thebfresident says:

    The association that gets money from the stickers they sell can’t even secure the village.

    There are only a few roaming guards on motorcycle trikes in the day time, and maybe 1 roaming during the night or just staying at the corner of Aguirre and Dela Rama, at the opposite side of Mini Stop. Most probably those guards only pass the main streets.

    So for those politicians creating traffic when they’re campaigning, can they solve the security problem and take out all those parking boys?

    Maybe this site can send a big question to our dear Paranaque politicians with this headline, “BF Resident to Homeowners Association, Baranggay & City Politicians: How can you increase security & clear all the parking boys?”