Salisi Gang strikes again in Oyster Boy Metrowalk

Okay, here is what happened to one of our colleagues when they were dining at Oyster Boy in Metrowalk:

Salisi Gang in Oyster Boy Metrowalk 1

Salisi Gang in Oyster Boy Metrowalk 2

Then, here’s former Munti representative Ruffy Biazon’s take on things:

The perpetrator seems to have been assisted by six other more suspects, three males and? three females.

How did he know there was a laptop? Someone tipped him off. Someone already inside the restaurant, observing the victim. You will notice that the perpetrator walked directly from the sidewalk outside to the area behind the victim. He obviously knew where he was going and who the target was.

WHen he walked in, after quickly looking at the bag, his looked towards the direction of the table on the right of the frame (his left) where a woman is seated. (more? on that lady later).

In 0:44, his accomplice/lookout walks in, dressed in a white or light colored shirt with rolled up sleeves. The accomplice walks in, walks out and walks toward the left of the frame, out of sight. But in 1:12, he returns to the front of the restaurant and waits for the suspect to fulfill his mission.

Now back to the lady in? the table at the right. The suspect risks being seen by the person/s occupying that table as he takes the target bag. But it is noticeable that the suspect sat with his back towards the lady in the table, not even bothering to check if the lady is looking as he dragged the target bag near him.

In fact, in 0:43 and 1:58 she? does give him a quick glance. The suspect confidently pulled the bag near him, opened the bag and took out the laptop and placed it in his bag, without worrying if the other customer behind him might be looking. Most likely it is because the lady sitting there is his accomplice.

As he walks out, and joins his lookout in front of the restaurant and they both? walk away, a lady in blue top and dark pants comes in through the tables from the left at 2:11. She walks directly to the table at the right and joins the lady already sitting there. Her role actually, is to block anyone who might follow the perpetrator as he makes his getaway.

At the beginning of this clip, there are two men dressed in dark shirts standing in front of the restaurant. They stay there until the perpetrator and his male lookout comes in. As the male lookout goes out, the two men join him and walk out of view.

Criminals like this do not operate alone. They operate in groups, each with his/her own role to play.?

We will repeat our constant warning–let us all be careful. You could be next. Always be alert.

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  1. Jerry says:

    In behalf of the management of Oyster Boy Restaurant, we sympathize with the owner of the stolen property who was the victim of a crime that happened last January 14, 2011 in Oyster Boy Metrowalk. The restaurant’s managing director himself attended to this incident on that day and gave the first copy of the evidence to the victim without any reservations that this video would be distributed to the media and the internet. We are in favor of posting this video to as much social sites as possible and hope it will spread awareness of this modus operandi to all the unsuspecting diners, restaurant owners, and other establishments. We hope that we have contributed to the authorities as well in tracking down these criminals. In our restaurants we have a principle “grime does not pay”. We hope the origin of that statement, which is “crime does not pay”, will always prove true.