Philam issues August 1, 2015 ultimatum to erring residents

“Starting August 1, 2015, all permanently parked vehicles and other obstructions along village streets will be towed to a designated impounding area and the owners charged with the corresponding fees.”

This was announced recently by Philam Village Homeowners Association (PVHA) president Melchor S. Buera following complaints from many residents that the stalled vehicles have become not only eyesores but also the cause of difficulty in navigating narrower roads within the subdivision.

Reportedly, these overstaying vehicles also deprive other residents of temporary parking spaces for their visitors.

The ultimatum was set following months of continuous appeals to recalcitrant homeowners who have turned a deaf ear to the association’s earlier requests.

In addition to permanently parked vehicles, also affected by Buera’s beautification and cleanliness campaign are homeowners who have converted the portions of the streets into auto repair shops doing spray painting, body and major engine works.

As part of its sidewalk clearing operation, basketball goals will also be dismantled by PVHA personnel to ensure compliance with village rules and regulations.

At the same time, Buera also reminded residents to dispose of their garbage properly and to bring them out only in the morning of or the night before collection days, and to retrieve their trash bins immediately after collection.

For the convenience of pedestrians and to avoid problems encountered in the past especially during typhoons, Buera also discouraged the planting of big trees on sidewalks.

In his circular, the village president also enjoined homeowners to conform with a July 9, 2015 board resolution that all newly constructed fence made of concrete or any wall solid material must not exceed the 10-feet-from-street –level limit.

Meantime, Buera’s recent initiatives to improve the village surroundings were lauded by old time residents who said that Buera’s move was long overdue and that it is about time that discipline be instilled in the community. According to them the subdivision has been dilapidating because of these irresponsible homeowners.

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