Parañaque First District representative Eric Olivarez addresses viral post about Helmet Registration bill

“Hindi na po ito ipagpapatuloy.”

This was the response Alabang Bulletin received from Parañaque First District Rep. Eric L. Olivarez earlier in connection to the uproar against a bill he filed last 2019.

In a viral post published today by SMNI News, the bill filed by Olivarez requiring motorcycle owners/drivers to register at least one helmet per motorcycle owned/driven before obtaining a driver’s license, received flak from motorists and the public alike.

Photo from SMNI News

Also known as the “Helmet Registration Act of 2014”, the bill called for the mandatory registration of helmets for first time license applicants as well as those renewing their licenses.

In his explanatory note attached to the actual bill, Olivarez cited the alarming number of vehicular accidents as a reason for the filing of the said bill.

“This bill seeks to be the pilot step towards achieving such goal (safety on the road). This bill shall specifically delve into motorcycle-related accidents considering the motorcycles are the most common type of vehicle, among many others, that get involved in road accidents,” explained Olivarez.

Naturally, probably in connection with the recent Child Seat Law, this drew the ire of many citizens.

“Pati sapatos at pantalon isama na rin nila,” said one netizen.

In an interview with Alabang Bulletin, Olivarez noted that the bill was filed in 2019 also primarily to address the problem of riding-in-tandems, explaining that it is only now that it was scheduled for a committee hearing.

“Pero dahil po sa matinding hirap ng dinaranas ng marami nating kababayan lalo na po ngayon pandemya, kainausap ko na po ang committee na hindi ko na po ito ipagpapatuloy para hindi po ito makabigat sa ating mga kababayan,” expressed the Parañaque first district representative.

So there, neighbors. Nothing to worry about.

For now, let’s all use those helmets when riding our motorcycles.

Ride safe, everyone!

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