They’re still at it.

Please read what happened to another neighbor in Las Piñas:

Hi! Almost got robbed by the laglag barya gang at Vista Mall Las Pinas earlier this noon. Good thing I didn’t open the door of the car. I was parked just adjacent to LBC, waiting for my Mom. Thank God I read about a previous incident of it at SM Center LP. I’m still very shaken until now given I have anxiety disorder 🥺🥺🥺

Sharing this to alert everyone.

Even with guards roaming around they are still trying to rob people.

My Mom saw from LBC that there were men lurking which alerted her  and the staff so she went to the car and the men and this girl with an umbrella suddenly bolted out.

There were around P60 on the back of my pick up as per my mom and the LBC staff.

“They put it there daw.”

Gosh, so scary 😭😭😭

You can post this po but kindly make me anonymous. It’s really scary. Thank you.

I was so scared, i reported it to the parking staff but was redirected to different people and my Mom insist that we go somewhere else inside Philam first to be safe since I am from BFRV.

My Mom was panicking too, she’s a senior citizen.”


The almost-victim said the individuals are the same people in a similar incident in BF Homes some weeks back — even using the same umbrella!

Please see video of the BF incident here:

Oh my gosh. These are the same people yesterday


So neighbors, be aware of your surroundings.

This happened in broad daylight. AGAIN.

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