Number coding in Commerce Ave. in Alabang to be implemented on a trial basis

To further relieve the streets within the Alabang area, a barangay ordinance was recently passed ordering a number coding on the always-busy Commerce Ave.

As announced on Facebook by Barangay Ayala Alabang captain Ruben Baes, the implementation of the Unified Vehicle Volume Reduction System will start on a trial basis within the week.

In his post, Baes mentioned that this will be implemented from 3pm to 9pm for all types of vehicles including trucks and motorcycles and only on weekdays.

“Exempted are vehicles of Ayala Alabang Village, emergency, government, school buses, public utility vehicles operating inside the village and those delivering perishable goods,” noted Baes.

Barangay Ayala Alabang jurisdiction is from the barangay marker near Filinest all the way to Daang Hari (which is also already part of Las Pinas).

Violators will need to pay a fine of P300.

Baes, in the comments section of his post, reiterated that this will just be on a trial basis first and they would be doing adjustments or can completely shut down the idea if it does not work.

Let us all stay tuned.

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4 Responses

  1. Jojo says:

    Exemptions for emergency, government, school buses, public utility vehicles are understandable but to include aav vehicles? wtf!? they also contribute to the traffic in the area.

    • JealousJojo says:

      Dont be so butthurt about it jojo lol people dont need to see words like “wtf” here to get your point.

    • Junie says:

      We all know how self serving and spoiled AAV residents are. In fact they have this ‘Yield’ signage along Daang-Hari North bound near Champaca gate. Why would motorists passing along Daang-Hari yield to AAV residents? Traffic rules state that vehicles turning left or right do not have the right of way.

      As far as I can observe, one big cause of traffic buildup along Commerce Avenue is the over-prioritization of vehicles coming to and from ATC’s Theater Drive. It is a wonder if the barangay had deputized ATC guards to act as traffic enforcer there. Traffic is worst when barangay traffic enforcers are meddling with traffic lights.

  2. abner says:

    so much for my alternate route on coding days QQ

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