Footbridge in Alabang–a chore for senior citizens?

A reader wrote Alabang Bulletin and told us about something that can be done to help out senior citizens in Muntinlupa City.

“EMz!” told us two days ago that maybe City Hall could do something about the footbridge in Alabang.

Sana po mabigyan naten ng sariling daan ang mga senior citizens na tatawid mula Montillano St. papuntang kabilang kalye sa may bandang palengke ng Festival Mall,” said EMz! in an email to us last Sunday.

He added that he finds it difficult to see old residents of the city go up and down the footbridge just for them to cross to the other side of the road.

Kaligtasan lang po nila ang naiisip ko kaya ako sumulat sa inyo,” he added.

He then asked us if we could help him in his crusade to make it easier for senior cits to cross in the said area.

So, calling on the concerned authorities of Muntinlupa. Is there a way for senior citizens to cross that portion mentioned easier and safer?

Thank you EMz! for writing to us.

We also encourage other readers to let us know about their concerns in their areas.

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  1. private says:

    e one time I saw a very old man trying to cross the street, in front of Tropical Hut and palengke, the traffic aide didnt allow the OLD man to cross the street, the OLD man was carrying a lot of stuff pa and I think it was heavy. The traffic aide told the OLD MAN, “dun kayo sa footbridge dumaan. umakyat kayo jan, dun kayo tumawid”…

    I hope they would make exceptions for senior citizens.

  2. girlie martinez says:

    I witnessed something like this, an old lady begging the “green man” to allow her to cross the street as she was feeling bad because of the heat of the afternoon, that bully green man scolded the old lady and told her to go up, “baka kayo masagasaan kaya umakyat kayo sa itaas!”, the old lady begged to allow here since she couldn’t climb the stairs because she was dizzy, the bully replied “ay. di pwede! masagassan pa kayo!”. I wasn’t able to control myself, approached the bully and said “E DI ALALAYAN MO SA PAGTAWID?”, the bully just turned away, I believe, he was cursing us.

    Green guys..power-mad?