Fake seminarian nabbed in Parañaque

From cbcpnews.com:


MANILA, Nov. 26, 2012— A man was arrested in Parañaque City for presenting himself as a Catholic seminarian and asking donations from parishioners.

The fake seminarian, Michael Castillo, was charged with estafa at the Southern Police District after his arrest last Nov. 12.

Police nabbed Castillo in Moonwalk, Parañaque City a month after local Catholic Church officials warned the public against his illegal activity.

The Diocese of Parañaque on Sept. 20 warned the public against Castillo who introduced himself as a seminarian and claimed to be residing at the Our Lady of Peace Parish.

“He has been victimizing unwary parishioners by presenting himself as a seminarian or priest to collect donation and monetary support,” said Msgr. Benedicto Aquino, the diocese’s vice-chancellor.

Aquino also called on the other victims of Castillo to come out in the open and file complaints or file their statement in support to the case of the suspect.

To make sure a person is truly a seminarian, the diocese said the public should ask for his identification card issued by their seminary and duly signed by their rector or superior.

“Let us continue to be observant and cautious about the activities and modus operandi of such individuals,” Aquino said. (CBCPNews)

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