“Chinese Only” Food Park in Las Piñas ordered closed by DTI after inspection

One business permit for several food stalls.

This is what the Department of Trade and industry found out when they went to the controversial “Chinese Only” food park in Las Piñas City today.

It can be recalled that the same establishment drew flak for its supposed “Chinese Only” policy wherein the guard allegedly refused entry to Filipinos who wanted to eat there.

Photo from The South Couple

Upon hearing this, the Las Piñas City local government’s Business Permits and Licensing Office paid a visit to the establishment and were told that the reason for refusing entry was because they were on soft opening and would only be open to the public come May 1.

DTI Sec. Ramon Lopez said that during their visit, he noted several employees running away once they entered the establishment.

This is when they found out that there was only one permit being used for the several different stalls inside the food park.

DTI Sec. Ramon Lopez (Photo from gmanetwork.com)

“Di natin sinasabi iligal yun. Ang pinapa-prove lang natin kung ‘yung store dito ay may permit bawat isa, kung kanya-kanya ang negosyo. Kung isa lang may ari, dapat isang permit at isang resibo. Kung nagkakanya kanyang registration, kanya-kanyang sanitation permit,” added Lopez.

DTI was accompanied by Las Piñas officials.

Both authorities also noted the presence of grease and waste that supposedly flowed directly to creeks in the city as well as the lack of English and Filipino translations in menus and receipts.

They then decided to suspend the operation of “China Food City” while requiring the establishment to complete their permits.


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3 Responses

  1. Angelo Falconi says:

    Really? It is STILL operating as i pass by this afternoon.

  2. Triszhia Mangansing says:

    Las Piñas almost conquer by Chinese people. Our government must do something about this matter. I live in Las piñas and I felt so disappointed that in this place, before you will see only Filipinos but now could not imagine that this would be happened… Feels like stranger and foreigner in this city.

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