Car catches fire inside BF Homes (see video and photos here); What do you do when this happens to you?


We heard about a car (Mercedes Benz?) that went up in flames yesterday inside BF Homes (Las Pinas part) around 4pm — we’re hoping nobody got hurt — so we want to give out tips on what to do if the car that you’re driving suddenly lights up.

Please see some tips we gathered from other online sources below:

1. If you smell something burning or worse, see smoke coming from your hood or any part of the car for that matter, signal to the side and pull over the side of the road you’re on.

2. Forget about getting to your destination first. No “Malapit nako, kaya pa yan.” Please pull over.

Photo from Jonathan Guitering.

3. Immediately shut off the engine. This will stop the flow of fuel which has the potential to make things worse.

4. Get out of the car together with all of your companions and move to a safe place (as far away as possible from the car).

5. Call the authorities or 911 or 8888 or if you know the number of the nearest police or fire station or barangay office.

Photo from Jonathan Guitering.

6. If you have a fire extinguisher, be careful in opening the hood as flames may quickly try to come out from the hood.

Photo from Warren Marcos

To prevent your car from having fire trouble, it is wise to have it have tune up at least once a year.

Stay safe everyone!


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