Basag Kotse Modus hits vehicle owner in Las Pinas fastfood

Be careful what you leave inside your cars when enjoying that burger.

This is what Facebook user Nicole Vergara and family learned the hard way last night as one of the windows of their car was smashed.

Photo by Nicole Vergara

Stolen from the car were a sling bag with a wallet containing P500, assorted credit cards, seaman’s book, passport and a watch.

The incident happened in McDonald’s in Barangay Pamplona I as they parked their vehicle by the side of the fastfood chain.

According to Vergara, they weren’t even inside the establishment for one hour.

Given this, coupled with several stories inside our neighboring communities, let us all be more careful as these criminals are more brazen than ever.

Photo by Nicole Vergara

Park your cars in well-lighted areas.

Don’t trust all “parking boys” as sometimes they are the ones who give tips to the suspects and sometimes even be the ones who victimize vehicle owners.

Never leave your valuables inside your cars especially in plain sight as these dangerous individuals usually take a peek inside your cars before they strike.

Hopefully all establishments also post security guards in parking areas especially those not so well-lighted.



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3 Responses

  1. Juan Arellano says:

    This happened to me last week as well. I was parked at Mcdonalds BF homes. They smashed my window and got all my stufd inside

  2. Juancho Arellano says:

    This happened to me last week also. They smashed my car while I was parked at Mcdonalds BF homes and got all my stuff inside

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