Another erring Las Pinas Traffic enforcer

Click on this link to see (well, the shot was a little far but you’ll get the idea when you see it) how a Las Pinas traffic enforcer gets his daily “allowance” from dispatchers of shuttles from Las Pinas to Ayala, Makati. This is in front of KFC at the old Fernando’s Supermarket. We saw a P20 bill. Two of them or three.

This is the second time we’ve seen him collect his “gift” but the first time we’ve caught it on video. We need a new phone with a better camera! Haha.

We’re also re-attaching another video that we took some two months back wherein another Las Pinas traffic enforcer was caught in the act of collecting “toll fee” from a jeepney driver.

Hopefully, the Las Pinas City Hall get to see these videos and do something about their erring traffic enforcers.

They can’t even fix the traffic situation in the city and now they’re getting extra payment for not being effective in their work. Only in the Philippines.

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  1. Hans Hufkens says:

    Today, July 29, 11 AM, I was “caught” at Andrews Ave, heading for SLEX. There were 3 traffic enforcers, stopping luxury cars and/or foreigners for driving in the wrong lane on the rotunda. I certainly did NOT drive in the wrong lane!! The fine was P 2,000 WITHOUT RECEIPT. The enforcers only returned my driver license after I threatened to report them to city hall; they also refused to give their name or ID and when I wanted to read the name tag, they turned away, hiding it. Another great example how Paranaque treats well behaving foreigners. Next time it happens, I’ll make sure they are on video and I’ll report such criminal behavior by law enforcers to the president’s office!!

  2. Yes, please feel free to send us that video. Next time, be wary of abusive traffic enforcers.

    How we miss the time when policemen and traffic enforcers evoked respect and peace of mind instead of fear. Oh well…