Toll Fee increase in SLEX and Coastal Road to take effect Aug. 16

Please be reminded that the increase in toll fees will take effect on Aug. 16 (Monday)—not only in SLEX but also in Coastal Road.

If you’re traveling from Alabang to Calamba on SLEX, you will now have to shell out P85 (from P22!) for Class 1 vehicles, P170 (from P43!) for Class 2 vehicles and P225 (from P65!) for Class 3 vehicles.

Those passing by Skyway will now also have to pay P112 (from P100!) for Class 1 vehicles, P223 (from P200!) for Class 2 vehicles and P336 (from P300!) for Class 3 vehicles.

Motorists passing by Coastal Road will also now have to pay P25 (from P22) for Class 1 vehicles, P48 (from P43!) for Class 2 vehicles and P78 (from P65!) for Class 3 vehicles.

This is if concerned groups including the Senate stops the imposition of the 12% VAT on the toll fees. Good luck to us.

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