Residents up in arms over adjusted Westgate and Filinvest Mall parking rates

“This is ridiculous,” said one homeowner.

“I don’t think they thought this through,” said another.

Several villagers went on social media to express their disbelief and disgust over an impending change in parking rates in Westgate and Filinvest Mall.

Effective tomorrow, July 3, 2017, the new parking scheme will be as follows:

P40 – first three hours for cars/vans

P30 – first three hours for motorcycles

P10 – for every succeeding hour

P300 – lost parking ticket

P500 – overnight parking

*rates apply on weekdays, weekends and public holidays

*no grace period

Photo from Lester Guevara via Facebook

What irked most people who saw the new parking scheme/rates was the “no grace period” or meaning vehicles who only drop off passengers will still be charged the P40 regardless of how short they remain in Westgate and Filinvest Mall.

Most residents questioned the provision, especially those who drop off their children in the pre-schools in the mentioned commercial areas.

They also noted that Westgate does not even have a drop off point similar to Alabang Town Center and Filinvest and does not even have a shaded walkway from the entrances.

They condemned the move, saying it was a money-making move by the establishments.

Others were also quick to say that the new parking scheme is being employed to discourage employees from the nearby offices from using the parking lot.

Westgate and Filinvest Mall parking is more affordable than their office parking spaces or when they don’t have available parking in their offices anymore.

Some also use Westgate as a pass through to get from Alabang-Zapote Road to Commerce Ave. and vice versa.

Some also suggested that Westgate and Filinvest just employ other customer-friendlier schemes.

“They can present their receipts so they can get discounted rates or just don’t charge them if they stay for less than 15 minutes and exit the same gate they enter in just to prove they are not passing through,” said another villager.

Many residents also said they would not be patronizing the commercial establishments anymore and that they expect other customers to stop going as well due to the new parking rates.

This starts tomorrow so let’s see what happens.

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11 Responses

  1. Dean apao says:

    Let us elevate this baseless increase to the government.

  2. Japeth salazar says:

    Its disgusting because this is the way they reward their mall goers and patronizers. It has become all about money and greediness

  3. Erlinda Santos says:

    Malls and the likes should be compelled by law to provide free parking to all who spend a combined minimum value of PhPxxx.

  4. Jojo says:

    We still have the option not to patronize their shops and restaurants. There are other places.

  5. John Jones says:

    Ridiculous! Pure meaning of greed; there are no changes to the parking facility yet they have a face to rate increase. Demons;

  6. raleamsir says:

    just ask my partner to pick me up a while ago then I was surprised that we needed to pay the parking even if we just stayed 5mins. wont go there anymore. lipat nalang ako ng sm malls. masyadong hindi makatarungan e.

  7. jose gabuyo says:

    this will lower their class from A-B to less D-E. I PITY THIS AREAS who always thought of money,,,money..and much more money hahahh

  8. Luffy says:

    I am working at northgate and as per our worthless admin there argument is that they did not raise the parking fee for 10 yrs and that they were losing money… first off they did not improve their parking spaces and they were busy building buildings for callcenter renters… they did not even add provisions for additional parking space… now they want a 100% increase because they are seeing more people to extort… they are just freaking greedy!!

    • northgate worker says:

      sa northgate din ako. madami ang galit sa pag bago ng parking rates, be it for cars or motorcycles. ito ang contact info ng parking pro (ang bagong company na nag handle):

      vector 1 building, 5th floor, northgate alabang
      contact person : allan sy

  9. joey ocenar says:

    Greed Business….!!

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