Fighting the Flu – the Natural Way

Flu season is upon us and we have the unpredictable weather to blame – one minute it’s scorching hot and the next, it’s raining cats and dogs. The best antidote to protect yourself from the flu is eating healthy, drinking lots of fluids, and pumping up your Vitamin C intake.

For those of you who are fans of natural remedies (like us), one of the good sources of Vitamin C are lemons. Drinking lemon juice daily has been proven to aid your digestive system and boost the body’s immune system.

So we took note of all the lemonade stands in Southmall for all our Southies on the go and in need of a quick lemon fix!

1. Johnn Lemon

They offer not just lemon but a combination of it with other ingredients like ginger, green tea, kalamansi, watermelon, and more for added nutrients!

Johnn Lemon is located at Upper Ground Level, near Door 3

Look, John Lennon’s son, even snapped a photo of one of these stands during his visit to Manila for a DOT promotion!

2. Tubo Ko

Tubo Ko takes healthy juices up a notch because they do not use processed sugar to sweeten their drinks. They squeeze it out of the sugarcane as you order so its freshness is guaranteed!

Tubo Ko is located at Lower Ground Level, near Quantum

3. Islands Juice

Islands Juice has no preservatives, food coloring, and artificial flavor!

Islands Juice is located at Upper Ground Level, near Door 2

4. Limjoe Lemony Juice Station

Limjoe’s Juice Station specializes in lemonade – with variants like Strawberry and Honeydew Lemonade. They also have a Buy 1, Get 1 promo with Booky! To view Limjoe’s other Southmall offers, click here:

Limjoe is located at Lower Ground Level, near Door 2

5. Juice Juicy

Juice Juicy has other flavors aside from lemonade but for a fresh take on one, try yours with Yakult.

Juice Juicy is located at Upper Ground Level, near Uniqlo

6. Simply Lemon

This lemonade stand has the classic lemonade taste we all know and love – at a cheap price. Get your lemon boost for as low as P45 only!

Simply Lemon is located at Lower Ground Level, near McDonald’s


Remember, a lemon a day keeps the flu away! For more information, visit @SMSouthmall on Facebook and Instagram.

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