WWF’s Adoption Program: Bring the Panda and Dolphin Home

In this season of giving, WWF encourages you to veer from the typical gifts and choose those that give back.

Celebrate Christmas more meaningfully by symbolically adopting a WWF Panda or Dolphin stuffed toy for P3000.

By making them part of your home, you can help us drive the message that we are all connected and that these species need to be protected. Each adoption kit contains a Limited Edition WWF Panda or Dolphin stuffed toy, a WWF Adoption Certificate, and a WWF Species Information Card.

WWF’s Adoption Program, with Individual Donor Program Manager Mayj Tolentino on the front line, is part of the organization’s efforts to engage the public into taking a more active role on species conservation.

“With your one-time donation of P3000 to WWF’s Adoption Program, you can help protect and raise awareness on these endangered animals and the importance of protecting their homes,” says Tolentino.

Funds raised for the Adoption Program will help WWF-Philippines in building a brighter future for endangered species and habitats in our country.

The first 500 donors will have their adoption kits delivered to them for free. This venture is in cooperation with 2GO, WWF’s official logistics partner for the Adoption Program.

For donation and delivery inquiries, visit Facebook.com/WWF.Philippines or email adopt@wwf.org.ph. About the Species Pandas The giant panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is now only found in the mountain ranges of China.

It usually roams around bamboo forests but mothers will stay in caves or hollow trees when giving birth. With its shy nature and cuddly looks, the charismatic panda is one of the most popular animals in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most endangered.

Through WWF’s conservation work, the giant panda population has risen to 1600 – 40% higher than previous estimates.

With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping WWF highlight the importance of saving endangered species around the world.


Dolphins are mammals, not fish, and are believed to be among the most intelligent of all animals. Their search for food is aided by echolocation, producing clicking sounds then receiving and interpreting the returning echoes.

Malampaya Sound in Palawan hosts the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris), now only around 42 in number. In 2011, about five Irrawaddy dolphins were accidentally killed in fishing operations.

With your symbolic adoption, you’re helping WWF ensure the long-term protection of these intelligent and inquisitive creatures.

On behalf of the giant pandas, dolphins, and all the wildlife on the planet, thank you for your support! (30)

For more information, please contact:

Mayj Tolentino Individual Donor Program Manager, WWF-Philippines mtolentino@wwf.org.ph

Sophia Dedace Communications Officer, WWF-Philippines sdedace@wwf.org.ph.

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