What is happening inside Emapalico Village?

A war that originated inside the village has now erupted into a full-fledged cyber war.

A number of groups have cropped up in social networking site Facebook defending their own causes and battles regarding conflict inside the Las Pinas village.

Emapalico Village, Emapalico HOPE (Homeowners for Peace in Emapalico) and Emapalico Justice, among others, have been making their rounds in the social networking world throwing accusations at each other ang getting personal at that. Aside from the open letters circulating around the village promoting their causes, the status updates in Facebook are also gaining ground.

Stemming from some concerned homeowners’ crusade to make public the so-called wrongdoings of Emapalico Homes, Inc. president Wilhelmina E. Tobias against the villagers, the Emapalico Hope group was created.

A “Knock Knock” gimik has even been deployed to make things more interesting. At the expense of Tobias and her family, of course.
“EMAPALICO HOMES, INC. (EHI) President Wilhelmina E. Tobias, her back against the wall because of the numerous serious accusations against her style of leadership in the village, is showing her desperation by trying to skirt from the real issues as evidenced by her latest President’s Letter dated May 25, 2010,” expressed the group.
Tobias, on the otherhand, said in her letter that all accusations are just “figments of the imagination of disturbed minds.”

Emapalico Village in Las Pinas

Emapalico Village, the defender of the homeowner association, has also joined the fray on Facebook by highlighting the achievements of the present administration that included the presence of water and lights inside the village and also the installation of surveillance cameras for added security in Emapalico. They also accused certain “hopeless” (this is how they refer to Emapalico Hope members) residents of peddling drugs inside the village, according to the Facebook statuses.

Accusations have been hurled. Some have resorted to name calling. Tobias had been accused of being a “bully” inside the village.

But what really are the issues here?

According to Emapalico Hope, it is these:

“THE REAL ISSUE. We advice Mrs. Tobias to stick to the real issues and just answer the serious allegations hurled (again, not “hurdled,” Mrs. Tobias) against her as president of Emapalico. In fact, the problem in our village is not those who criticize her; the real problem is Mrs. Tobias! Those who have been at the meeting on May 16 saw with their own eyes the kind of leader/person she is – violent, immature, spoiled brat, dictatorial/undemocratic, palamura, etc. Mrs. Tobias, indeed, is the worst nightmare of Emapalico. It is a big mistake that she has been allowed this long to run the village; it will be a bigger mistake if we will not stop her now.

The HLURB had ruled against Mrs. Tobias on the 2007 case filed by Mrs. Castaneda, et al. We are confident that we will get a favorable decision on the case filed to annul the Feb. 21 board election. We are also confident this “unjust vexation” case against Mr. Lucero will be dismissed. And we believe that in due time, she will be made to account for all her actions. Mrs. Tobias’ days as president are numbered (in fact, she has lost her moral right to be a leader a long time ago), her world is getting smaller, and she is resorting to desperate moves because she knows the time for her to go is now.”

Now, according to different sources, barangay hearings are currently on-going to fix the mess that is enveloping the village at present.
Many villagers are also recommending the immediate suspension of the present homeowners association officials while HLURB is auditing the village’s financials.

Tobias, on the otherhand, is threatening to file a collective case against members of Emapalico Hope.

Alabang Bulletin is still confirming if Mayor Nene Aguilar already knows about what is happening with Emapalico Village and if his office already has plans of fixing the conflict inside the subdivision.

Let us stay tuned for developments there. Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon as many villagers are already bothered by what is happening inside the village.

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