UBFHAI office issuing fake stickers?

Has the office of the United BF Homeowners Association, Inc. (UBFHAI) been invaded by someone dirty?

Do the employees in the BF clubhouse know if they are selling original or fake car stickers?

Apparently not.

This was revealed yesterday when one of our Twitter followers reported to us that the sticker she bought from the UBF office was confiscated yesterday because it was found out to be fake.

“The BF sticker I bought in their barangay office is apparently fake,” said the motorist, explaining that she bought it in the clubhouse/barangay office near the Aguirre Gate.

She said that the guards removed the sticker from her vehicle and threatened to confiscate her license.

Upon closer inspection, the guards told her that the green on the sticker was different from the original one and that the people in the middle were black instead of white.

The reader couldn’t believe it because she bought the sticker straight from the UBFHAI clubhouse. She didn’t have the receipt though as it was in her father’s car.

“If it is really fake, someone in their own office is selling fake stickers to non-residents,” the Alabang Bulletin reader said, reiterating that guards did not have the right to confiscate her license.

And then on her way out, she said that the guards refused to give back her license and even their names.

Have they been infiltrated by dirty employees? Who was the one that gave the vehicle owner the fake sticker? Was this just a mistake on the part of the employee?

We emailed UBFHAI regarding this and we are waiting for their response to this matter.

We will update this post as soon as we hear from them.

For those buying BF Homes stickers, please be warned and please double check the sticker that the clubhouse employees will be giving to you.

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  1. Bf home owner says:

    Same thing happend to me!