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MCX Management acknowledges issues in RFID scanning; Vows to improve their services asap

If you pass by MCX then you have experienced being stuck in traffic especially by the toll gates, and even more recently when the RFID-only order from the Department of Transportaion was implemented. Although...


VIDEO: Kids seen throwing rocks at vehicles along MCX; Management says they are working with local authorities to address the situation

“MCX Tollway Inc.’s top priority is to ensure the safety of all motorists within the expressway.” This was the statement given by AC Infrastructure Holdings Corporation, the company that manages MCX, to Alabang Bulletin...


BE AWARE: Here is what to expect when your cars get hit by rocks along MCX

As if it is not frustrating (and dangerous) enough to have your cars get hit by rocks along the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway, what infuriates victims even more is how the MCX toll management personnel deals...